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Domanic asked 8 months ago

Good evening,

I am looking for a domestic cleaning service to help me twice a week with some cleaning and ironing from December 17th 2018.

The cleaning would involve vacuuming, deep clean of floor in kitchen, hall and sun room spring clean, wipe down of surfaces and deep cleaning 2 bathrooms, one family, one en suite. Full spring clean of all bedrooms and window cleaning when necessary.

The ironing would be for around 1.5 hours each visit, and cleaning the same, so 3 hours in total. I require a spring clean each visit.

Could you recommend anyone reliable? I am located in Ponteland.

Thanks Domanic

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Larna answered 8 months ago

Hi Domanic,

I am located in Ponteland and use a company called Sophie’s Cleaning Company, This company is so easy to deal with and come straight out to do your initial viewing.

The girls suggested i also needed 3 hours as i also have ironing however i don’t have ironing each week but the girls use the spare time to give other areas of the house a thorough clean which they don’t usually get to do. I have had many companies beforehand but I have never had a reason to change with this company for the last 3 years.

All the best, Larna

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