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Jenny asked 1 year ago

Hello AFTA, I’d like a one off clean a few days before my wedding please but my husband to be is a little sceptical to letting strangers into our home located in Westerhope. I would like the clean to include the following;

Oven clean, cooker, cooker hood and splash back, Kitchen tiles, Kitchen cupboards inside and out, a full bathroom clean and a separate WC clean. I would also like the Living room, Dining room to be included also however i do not want any bedrooms cleaned. I’m looking for other thoughts and ideas about getting in cleaners to help as i am aware of some people who have had bad experiences.

Thank you!

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Rachael answered 1 year ago

Hi Jenny,

My husband I believe and partners are alike! My partner was also sceptical and did not like the idea of having cleaners but with 4 kids things where starting to get beyond help.

I put down my foot with my partner and called Sophie’s cleaning company to come out and give us a quote which they did and after this visit my partner was starting to come around as the cleaners who arrived explained completely everything including insurance which was music to his ears.

After having a full deep clean we were over the moon with the work and was well worth the price paid we now use these girls weekly and my partner is now even asking them to give us more time. The cleaners are amazing and will do anything we ask with no complaining we don’t have a deep clean each week as this is not needed now due to the cleaners keeping on top of things but sometimes the cleaners do deep clean each room at a time.

Give them a call and book that viewing in. Rachael Sophies Cleaning Company

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