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Roy Stoddart asked 1 year ago

I have taken my sister from a council flat in Bedford and will require the house to be cleared. Problem is that I am living in Warwickshire and will be driving to Bedford to remove some items tomorrow and this will be the last time I will be going there.

Does anyone know of a company who would be willing to carry out the clearance work in my absence if I posted a key to them?

The council have said they require the property to be completely cleared including all carpets, curtains and light surrounds ?

I have never done anything like this before therefor any info or a point in the right direction would be helpful.

Thank you, Roy

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Davey Woodcock answered 1 year ago

Roy, I would advise you to call a company named Foxtons House Clearance, they have cleared out 2 properties for me in the past, one which was my brothers home and one for my brother in law’s home, both in the Bedford area, both in the same year as it happens.

Anyhow, both properties I have mentioned belonged to the council, the guys from Foxtons have arrived on time with a very positive attitude to collect keys from a neighbour, cleared all house contents including lifting and disposing of all carpets, disconnecting all appliances and removing all curtains and blinds. They even carried out the clearance of the attic of my brothers house as well as a the contents of the garden shed also.

The clearance lads seem to work really well together and as soon as the clearance’s are complete they provide you with photographs by email along with a full invoice for your own records.

Very straight forward and hassle free, Foxtons House Clearance is the company I will be using again if ever needed for a house clearance in the Bedford area for sure.

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