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Margaret asked 1 year ago

Dear AFTA, a relative of our family has recently been moved into residential accommodation and we are now making enquiry’s to have the property they owned cleared.

It is a three bedroom bungalow with a conservatory situated in Denny, my aunt and her late husband lived their for 30+ years.

All personal effects and various items have already been removed and we are now looking to hire a house clearance company that specialise within the area to clear the remaining contents.

Household furniture is quiet standard, however their is a large piano we would also need taken away.

Recommendations would be highly appreciated.

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Alison answered 1 year ago

Good morning Margaret. A few months ago my great aunt moved in with me due to health problems, I had been tasked with having her three bedroom detached house cleared in the Denny area. My aunt had lived in the house for most of her adult life and had hoarded quite a lot. Prior to the clearance I had removed all of her personal belongings that were to be brought here.

After doing some extensive research on AFTA, I found Northern House Clearance in Denny who honestly seemed too good to be true, I decided to give them a call. From booking the house clearance until having the house clearance finished, the whole process was made super easy for me

The house clearance specialists were absolutely lovely and very professional and the house was cleared in no time at all, the service was overall amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone needing a house clearance.

Contact Info: Northern House Clearance

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