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Kay asked 8 months ago


We have rented out my wife’s property for the last two years but have just been informed by the Police that it has been used as a cannabis farm and the occupiers have ‘done a runner’ leaving all the house set up.

The Police have taken all the plants and the electricity board have made it safe but there are 150+ plant pots, soil and associated equipment in the attic and main bedroom.

The tenant did have some limited furniture (beds, sofa etc) but we would like the entire house cleared including stair and upstairs carpets.

Can you provide us with the details of a good reliable house clearance service operating in the South Ayrshire area

It is a 3 bed terraced house with two reception rooms and a kitchen. Thanks Kay

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Jason answered 8 months ago

Hi Kay, last month I had the same problem with my three bedroom house in Alloway.

The police had informed me that the house had been broken in to and in my surprise the tenant has also done a runner leaving all of his belongings behind, thankfully no cannabis in the property. I had been tasked with having the whole house cleared as I was no losing rent. After searching for a reputable house clearance company AFTA had recommended Northern House Clearance to me. I decided to go ahead and book their services.

The house clearance specialists that arrived have provided an amazing service from start to finish clearing the whole house from top to bottom, including a few items from the attic, all of the white goods ( had been damaged) and most of the carpets (heavily stained) this was all complete within one day. I also requested the team to clean the property afterwards. They have provided an outstanding service through and through.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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