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Craig asked 1 year ago

Hiya Afta

My brother passed away and we would like a quote from a registered house clearance service working in the Dumfries area to clear his home in New Galloway. Can you supply us with the details of one of your members to carry out this work on our behalf?

It’s a 1 bed house large goods are 1 double bed 2 small bedside cabinets, plus carpet & blind ,living room 1 , 3 seater sofa, 1 chair , 1 table 2 dining chairs, 2 an bookcases , 2 small coffee tables , carpet & blind, kitchen fridge with an freezer compartment , + other miscellaneous loose goods thank you for you time.


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JAne answered 1 year ago

Hi Craig, on the 7th of September I used Northern House Clearance to clear my sisters two bedroom bungalow in Annan.

I had cleared quite a bit myself leaving a double bed and mattress, two chests of drawers, a television, a washing machine, dishwasher and a large amount of books.

The team of three that arrived fully uniformed and on time, had the bungalow cleared in just under an hour. Once they cleared the bungalow they also cleaned it for me, I booked this service in advance. Hope this helps.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance


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