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Leroy Robinson asked 1 year ago


I am looking to get a quote for a house clearance from a local company on Shefford. It is a rented bungalow and I need to hand the keys back within the next week so the clearance needs to be done before then.

The main bulky items that need to be disposed of are:

Washing machine (still works, 3 years old)
Drier (v old, to be disposed of)
Fridge freezer (in working order, 3 years old) – all food inside needs to be disposed of too.
King size bed and mattress (very old, to be disposed of)
Small dining table and 4 chairs

There are also a lot of clothes, toys, pots, pans, cutlery etc etc that are no longer required. Also a storage unit (it’s like a garage but not as big as a garage) to be cleared.

I would only require a company who is licensed and insured to carry out the above work please.

Any numbers or email address would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Leroy.

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Dylan Mooney answered 1 year ago

Hey Leroy, there is a house clearance company who I have used for house clearance in the Shefford area who seem to be very reputable.

The companies name is Foxtons House Clearance and they are fully licensed as well as insured to carry out house clearance in Shefford. As part of the service they donate items to charity as it seems you have a few appliances such as washing machine in good working order I think this may work well.

I contacted the company at short notice and spoke with a guy names will who was actually present on the clearance, he ensured that all items in the house was packed well into the big van, all cluttered was organised and then cleared and disposed of.

The service I received was very professional and the house clearance was completed in no time, I spoke with a few local house clearance companies in the area and found these to be the best! They are members of many organisations which offers you a little more comfort.

I would give them a call or email I’m sure they will be more than happy to help – House Clearance Shefford. Regards, D Mooney.

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