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Keith Edwards asked 2 years ago

I’m looking to clear my mother in law’s house in Washington. I live in Gloucester, 250 miles away, so I want to minimise the need for me to travel up and down.

The house has four bedrooms and a garage. All are furnished. One bonus is that the loft is empty.

There is a double car length garage that has quite a few bin liners of household waste. Two carpets upstairs that require lifting. A double bed and mattress and a two seater settee in the garage also. There are also a few bags of rubbish in the garden and down the side of the house.

The house has a driveway and all areas are easily accessible.

I appreciate a house clearance company would need to look at the job before giving me an accurate price but could you recommend the name of a reliable house clearance company that work in the Washington area. Thank you in advance for your time.

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Richard answered 2 years ago

Hi Keith, My mum passed a few months ago, she had a three bedroom house that needed clearing in Sunderland. I live in Aberdeen and could only get a few days off for the funeral etc, I did not have enough time to stay present for a clearance company to clear her house. I used a very reliable company called Northern House Clearance, they don’t come out to view the property prior to the clearance, they have a set charge (which they stuck too).

A team that arrive from Northern House Clearance made the process very easy for me, keeping me updated throughout the day of how the clearance was going, they also send me pictures via email of the house completely empty.

They removed everything from the house including carpets, curtains and white goods it only took them a few hours. They also had no hassle removing a few items from the garden including deck chairs, rubbish etc and also cleared a small garage and shed. The only thing they did not remove was paint (they told me this on the phone whilst blooming there services). They made the process very easy for me I would highly recommend their company. They also posted the keys back to me first class and tracked.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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