Bedlington House Clearance Required In Northumberland – Advice Needed!

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Dr Robinson asked 1 year ago

I’m looking to arrange a house clearance for a three-bedroom house in Bedlington. It’s my mother’s house (she has moved into a care home), and the house is currently for sale. The house has a fairly ‘average’ amount of contents downstairs, and a moderate amount of ‘clutter’ upstairs (books and general bric-a-brac).

A couple of points:

(1) There is no heating or running water in the house – after a burst pipe, the mains water had to be switched off and so the central heating also can’t be used – the house is therefore cold.
(2) There is a Ford car in the garage – we’re trying to sell this, but if unsuccessful then we MIGHT need to dispose of the car too. The car is untaxed, has a flat battery and has no MOT.

Three questions:

1. Can you supply the details of a fully licensed and insured house clearance company?
2. Can you give me an idea of how much a house clearance company would charge for their service?
3. Do house clearance companies also provide a cleaning service?

Thanks. Dr Robinson

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Helen answered 1 year ago

Hi Dr. Robinson,

I recently used a house clearance company to clear my mams three bedroom house in Ashington. The house was in roughly the same state no hot water or electricity due to not being lived in for over a year.

After phoning around to get a few quotes and researching many different companies I came across Northern House Clearance. They gave me a fair quote and explained their services over the phone. Three of there fully uniformed men arrived at the property on the day of the appointment, they had the whole property cleared within about three and a half hours.

After the guys finished the clearance they proceeded to clean the property afterwards. They were very professional and provided an outstanding service.

There was a shed and a garage to be cleared also, in the garage was an old Mini Cooper, it had no value due to being very rusty and falling to bits, the house clearance team had no problem removing this for me.

Overall Northern House Clearance were very reasonably priced, were very professional, fully licensed and insured and there guys were very polite and understanding of my circumstances.

I hope this helps you with what you are looking for. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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