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Liz asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I am searching for a reputable and fully insured house clearance company to clear my late mums three bedroom semi-detached house and garage in Bath.

Upon visiting my mums house I have realised that clearing it myself just isn’t an option.

The hallway, living room and kitchen has a walkway between mountains of clutter and rubbish, I can not give a description of upstairs as it is impossible to gain access due to the sheer amount of clutter barricading the staircase, though I have looked in the garage and that is fairly empty with a fridge freezer, some tool boxes and a large chest in it.

I need information of a house clearance company who specialise in these types of cluttered house clearances.

Thank you, Liz.

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Alice answered 2 weeks ago

Good Morning Liz, Last month my uncle passed away, I was tasked with having his three bedroom extremely cluttered bungalow cleared in Bath.

I had to hire a house clearance company due to the extreme clutter throughout the bungalow.

I gathered quotes and info from many house clearance companies and found a company called The Cluttered House Clearance Company, after reading through some of their customer testimonials I realised that they have cleared many houses just like my uncles.

After getting some info and a reasonable quote I decided to book their services.

A team of three fully uniformed cluttered house clearance specialists arrived in a large van at 9am on the day of the appointment to begin the clearance.

The team took three days to finish the whole clearance, throughout the process they kept a pile of valuable items, paperwork and family photographs to one side for me, I was absolutely over the moon.

The cluttered house clearance specialists made what seem like a long and hard process, easy for me. My uncles bungalow is now fully emptied and on the market for sale.

I can highly recommend The Cluttered House Clearance Company when needing this kind of extreme service. Here is their contact info Tel: 07731383671 Email:

Bill answered 5 days ago

Good Morning Liz, I can concur with Alice that The Cluttered House Clearance Company are a reliable and qualified company who specialise in clearing extremely cluttered and hoarded houses in Bath.

Last year I used them to clear my aunts extremely cluttered bungalow.

During the house clearance process, the cluttered house clearance specialists found my aunts jewelelry, £300 and family photographs for me.

A very discreet and reliable company, highly recommend.