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Phillip asked 2 years ago

To who this may concern,

I am looking for some cleaning service recommendations,

My mam is, hopefully, moving into a one bedroom retirement flat in Gosforth in the middle of December.

The place is quite clean, but she would like it spotless for her moving in. The place would require a full deep clean of the kitchen and a full deep clean of the bathroom, bedroom and living room also deep cleaned including, all woodwork including doors, all windows throughout, all switches, sockets and any fittings and a full antibacterial clean of inside the fixed wardrobe.

There are cobwebs around the ceiling however nothing major. There will be no furniture in the property when the clean is being carried out.

Thanks, Phillip.

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Suzanna answered 2 years ago

Hi Phillip, I have also had previous experience with my father moving into similar accommodation, for me i found this worrying as i know my father does not like help from no one, and he does struggle most times being alone.

I found Sophie’s Cleaning Company really put my fathers mind at ease and took it little step by step and now he couldn’t go a week without these girls he always looks forward to his Tuesday cleaning session.

Hope this company can help you too.

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