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Sally asked 2 years ago


I’m looking for recommendations from AFTA.

I’m looking for someone to clean my house weekly. Dusting, hoovering kitchen and bathroom clean too.

I have a small dog who sheds hair so would like sofa’s hoovered weekly too if possible and bedding changed if you can include this. I was looking for a quote and possibly for someone to come out and meet me and Hubby. I live in Blyth.

I work Monday to Friday from 8-6 so would be out when the clean is happening. I would appreciate if AFTA could recommended a reliable and honest cleaning company that work in the Blyth area.

Thanks in advance, Sally.

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Leanne answered 2 years ago

Hi Sally,

I would love to recommend a company called Sophie’s Cleaning Company. My partner and myself are in the same position and struggle with our every day cleaning/washing.

I contacted Sophie’s Cleaning Company around 1 year ago and i have always been fully satisfied. We only have a small budget however the girls are great and they always get the main areas we like them to focus on complete.

With the extra time they will rotate between changing our bed sheets, deep cleaning each room, oven cleaning, window cleaning and even spring cleaning all woodwork. I hope they can help as they have been total lifesavers for us. All the best, Leanne.

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