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Mary asked 8 months ago

Hello AFTA

I am due to move into a new house in Cramlington.

Please can you provide details for a reliable cleaning company that can give me a quote for a full house clean. It is a 3 bedroom house, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen/dining room/living room.

The full house needs cleaning from top to bottom, its not too dirty a light clean will be enough. Such as all surfaces cleaned, kitchen cupboards inside and out, as well as the bathroom and kitchen and lastly floors hoovered.

I need the house clean done on the on the morning of 7th December. That is the day we complete and move and we’re hoping you might be able to recommended a company to clean it before we move all our stuff in.

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Ashley answered 8 months ago

Good morning, last week I moved into my new home in Cramlington, when I moved in the previous owners left it quite filthy, I found Sophie’s cleaning company online and they came highly recommend.

After calling Sophie’s cleaning company and getting a reasonable quote, I booked their services to clean my house two days later. The house is three bedrooms with a conservatory, two bathrooms and an en suite, two professional cleaners arrived at 9am on the morning and I explained everything that I wanted cleaned before I left for work.

The cleaning entailed a deep clean including all of the rooms, windows, inside of cupboards, toilets, all surfaces, all floors and all of the carpets cleaned.

The two girls that carried out the clean have provided an outstanding service and my home now feels new. I would highly recommend Sophie’s cleaning company to anyone looking for professionals to clean their house at reasonable prices. Hope this helps. You can find their website here House Cleaning Cramlington