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Zara asked 1 year ago


I’m after a one off deep clean of my two bedroom, one bathroom flat in Woolsington. Though I will only need one of the bedrooms cleaned as I’m having a new carpet put down soon in the main bedroom so won’t need that cleaning.

The flat is very dusty and dirty as I have had building work to replace old wooden windows and doors.

I’m looking to have this done as a short notice clean. Can someone please recommend a high standard cleaning company?

Thanks in advance, Zara

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Ria answered 1 year ago

Hi Zara, Sophie’s Cleaning Company is definitely worth checking out.

I have used the girls 3 times now and have been really impressed with the result. They usually send out 2 cleaners at once and they really do work hard, we have used them for general house cleans and to be honest they really go to work.

The ‘general’ house cleaning service they provide includes all woodwork to be cleaned, inside windows, inside kitchen cupboards, all surfaces to be cleaned, all floors to be vacuumed and mopped throughout.

Each time we have used them we have been blown away with the result, I would be interested to see what they can do whilst carrying out one of their ‘deep’ house cleaning services.

Domestic House Cleaning Woolsington

Above is a link to their website, check them out for all your cleaning needs i’m sure you will be happy with the result.

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