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Suzy asked 6 days ago

Hi I have a 3 bedroom flat that is in need of a proper deep cleaning after a tenant has left it in a mess .

Flat will be empty except for a bed frame and 2 wardrobes. It’s an upstairs flat. I would like a full deep cleaning of all rooms with out cleaning carpets.

Please can i have some recommendations as i have used many companies before hand which have not been very good.

Many thanks, Suzy

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Stacey Hall answered 6 days ago

Good evening Suzy,

Myself and my partner have hired Sophie’s Cleaning Company to clean up after a bad tenant in one of our small flats in the Cramlington area of Northumberland. We have used them once before and have never had any problems with the end of tenancy cleaning service they have provided.

They always arrive on time on the agree’d date and always clean to a high standard. They provide all cleaning products and compared to other companies I would say the price for the service is very fair.

Check out this page for Domestic House Cleaning in Cramlington

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