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Steve asked 1 year ago


I am moving into a rental property and would like to have a deep clean done before i move in. The property is in Denton Burn. It is a three bedroom house with one bathroom, a living room, kitchen and small conservatory.

I would like the deep clean done in the next 2 weeks, short notice i know. Could you please let me know of any cleaners whom work in the Denton Burn area and someone who can do a really good job but at such short notice, i don’t want to rush into using just any company.

Thank you, Steve.

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Suzanne answered 1 year ago

Hi Steve,

I live local to Denton Burn, i used a company called Sophie’s Cleaning Company who carried out a full one off deep clean to my property. I booked with short notice and needed the deep clean carried out the next day, they were great and fitted me in. Sophie’s cleaning company only usually require 48 hours notice.

I found not only did they deal with my request quickly and with no hassle what so ever they were very through and cleaned every inch of the property to a high standard i have used these cleaners quite regular now. My bathroom was covered in black mould i thought i was going to need to replace the whole bathroom suit but the ladies carried out a full deep clean to this and it was sparkling like new.

Hope they can help you, Suzanne

p.s. Contact details for Sophie’s Cleaning Company.

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