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Jo asked 1 year ago

To who this may concern, I am readying my house for sale. I am still living in it so there’s still furniture and so on here, but I need it to look as clean as possible in spite of that. It’s a smallish four bed house in Dumpling Hall, boards downstairs and carpet upstairs.

I would like this to be done as soon as possible. I have used a cleaner before however she only tackled the light cleaning and scooted off before the clean was even half complete which was a huge disappointment and left me in a difficult position with work.

I am hoping to get help to find a reliable company who wont let me down.

Thank you! Jo

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Sarah answered 1 year ago

Hi Jo,
I also live in Dumpling Hall and we use Sophie’s Cleaning Company. They are tremendous. We booked in a full one off deep clean and they do book out the full day for this service i can assure you they do a thorough job and get right into all nooks and crannies. I was over the moon with the job done my house clean was immaculate. The kitchen was so dirty before and there was a horrible smell of oil but the cleaners completely removed any smells and sticky surfaces with a full deep clean of the kitchen with my tiles sparkling. I also booked with short notice so you may still be in luck. Good luck x

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