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Ellie asked 2 years ago

Dear AFTA, our parents’ house in Aberfeldy is about to be sold to a buyer who requests that certain items be removed prior to the completion of the sale. As we are 300 miles distant we are exploring ways in which we might achieve this without our having to visit the property.

There are eight items for removal: a set of wooden filing drawers; three stack able stools; one high stool; one antique chair and two armchairs (these two have been re-filled with fire resistant padding but do not have an attached label verifying this). The key to the property would need to be collected from the estate agents (also Aberfeldy) handling the sale and returned to them afterwards. It is possible that the agent may accompany the house clearance team for this, but as yet, uncertain.

It is very important that no other items are removed as they are now written into the contract of sale. The specified items should be easily locatable and identifiable within the house.

Is it possible for you to provide me with the name of a licensed and insured house clearance company that operate in the Aberfeldy area. I thank you and look forward to your reply.

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Han answered 2 years ago

Good afternoon, last week the sale of my aunts house completed, the buyers also requested that quite a lot of the furniture were to remain in the property upon completion of the sale, as I live in Manchester and the house is in Auchterarder I was unable to be present on the day of the clearance.

I found Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended on AFTA, I called Northern House clearance and explained my situation, I booked their services and arranged for their house clearance specialists to collect the keys from the estates agents and gave them a clear list of the items to be removed.

Once the team finished the clearance they sent me photographs of the property to show they had taken the exact items that were instructed. Northern House clearance made the situation super easy, the sale is now completed. I would highly recommend their services.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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