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Elle asked 2 years ago

Hello AFTA

I’m looking to find a reliable and registered house clearance company in the Alloway area for clearing out my aunt’s house.

I am acting under a Power of Attorney for her. She is in her 80s and has had Alzheimer’s for quite a while and the house was very cluttered. She was born in the house so it has a lot of family history. She is now in a residential home and we have been going through the house to try to remove any family things but are almost ready to get the house cleared so it can be put on the market.

It’s a fairly substantial semi detached two storey house, about 90 years old, with living room, kitchen, bathroom and two walk-in cupboards downstairs and three bedrooms and an attic upstairs plus a shed, though my brother thinks he and a neighbour mostly cleared the attic some years back.

Any confidential paperwork like bank statements would need to be securely destroyed.

There’s plenty of brown furniture, including one or two quite nice pieces we’d offer it to a local charity first.

There’s a driveway so any house clearance company would be able to park a van right beside the front door.

I’d appreciate if you could let me have the details of any firm the AFTA team recommend thanks.

Yours sincerely, Elle

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Janed answered 2 years ago

Hi Elle, I found that the most recommended company on AFTA is Northern House Clearance.

I hired them to clear my uncles three bedroom ground floor flat in Maybole last month. My uncle who has sadly been an over the top hoarder for many years has had to move into a nearby nursing home. I had been tasked with having his flat cleared ready to go on the market.

The house clearance specialists from Northern House Clearance came to the flat to assist me with the clearance, due to he flat being overly cluttered I had been unable to find any paperwork, jewellery and family photographs, I had given the team a list of items to look out for whilst clearing.

Even though the flat was extremely cluttered the team pushed on and had it cleared within one day, they also managed to find all of the paperwork and jewellery as well as a few photographs. I am very glad I used Northern House Clearance as they provided an efficient and outstanding service. They also donate as much as they can to local charities. I highly recommend them to you. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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