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Miss G Williams asked 1 year ago

My father has moved from his house in Ampthill to sheltered housing in Biggleswade.

Some of his belongs went with him but there is still furniture in there that will need to be disposed of.

We are going to put the property on the market very soon, we have been advised to have the property as empty as possible. It’s a Victorian terraced house 2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms with a small paved back garden.

Parking at times can be difficult.

It’s basically getting rid of 2 wardrobes, 2 chester drawers, dressing table, 2 three seaters, glass table, and rubbish from outside and in the cellar. White kitchen appliances will be staying.

Is there any house clearances companies out there who can carry out the work for us, they must be fully licensed and insured as we really do not need the hassle of any comebacks.

Thanks, Miss G Williams

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Troy Blemkinsop answered 1 year ago

Hi there Miss G Williams,

I am very sorry to hear about your father, I suppose it comes to us all at some point. I have just moved my mother into a sheltered accommodation following the passing of my father.

They had accumulated a lot of junk over the years which resulted in a lot of stuff left over after the move. I was very unsure what to do until a friend recommended Foxtons House Clearance to me.

I called the company to ask a few questions and found it a lot easier to just hire the guys as the price was very fair and the guy on the phone was very re assuring. The booking service was very straight forward as was the house clearance itself.

They turned up on time in a big luton furniture van, disconnected all appliances, dismantled wardrobes to save room and cleaned up after themselves. They completely cleared the property of all its contents by around 2pm. I had called a few charities prior to booking the house clearance company hoping to donate some items but found it very hard to deal or organise anything with the charity’s.

As it happens Foxtons House Clearance always donate items to local charities where they can and they provided me with all paperwork stating that the contents had been disposed of correctly with an upper tier license.

You can read more about the house clearance service that Foxtons provide in the Ampthill area in the link below.
Foxtons House Clearance

I hope this info finds you well. Troy

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