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Christina asked 1 year ago

Hello AFTA, I am dealing with the death of my late Mam who lived in a council house for 42 years and it is full to the brim of clutter.

It has 4 bedrooms, a loft and a shed in the back garden. It was our family home so their is all sorts of stuff in their that has been kept over the years. I have been told I have to clear everything out including the carpets and I only have a few weeks to get it all done.

I am looking for any advice about house clearances or charity’s that can help. The house is in Annitsford. Thank you

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AFTA Staff answered 1 year ago

Good afternoon Christina, my great grandma passed away last week, she lived in a two bedroom house in Annitsford that was full to the brim with clutter, because the house is a council house I needed an urgent house clearance done, the council advised that all carpets, curtains and appliances had to be removed and that the house had to be left as an empty shell.

I researched some companies that covered the Annitsford area and found Northern house clearance Annitsford and to my surprise they fitted me in two days after inquiring. The team arrived at 9 am to greet me at the house, they began the house clearance pretty much straight away, after a few hours the whole of the downstairs had been cleared, ready to start the extremely cluttered staircase leading to upstairs. I was super surprised at how quickly the house clearance specialists worked.

I returned to my home for an hour or so and then headed back to the house to see how the lads were getting on, I had a look around and seen they only had one bedroom to go. Northern house clearance overall have been an amazing service, from giving them short notice to having the house clearance specialists in and the whole extremely cluttered house cleared, the service has been fast, efficient and amazing. The team and office staff were very polite and understanding of the situation.

I hope this helps with what you are looking for, details all here: Northern House Clearance

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