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Jonathon asked 2 years ago

I act on behalf of a client for whom my law firm will be acting as professional court appointed deputies. The client’s former home needs clearing as soon as possible.

We would like AFTA to recommend a reliable and licensed house clearance company to undertake this clearance on our clients behalf if at all possible.

The property is quite large (4 bedroom, 3 reception rooms, attic room, cellar), and in addition the ceiling has partially collapsed in one of the rooms so it’s not the safest place to be. There are also hundreds (not an exaggeration) of milk bottles, some empty but some full/partially full in various states of decay scattered all over the property, together with a cellar that is pretty full as well.

The occupant was a compulsive hoarder and therefore the majority of the rooms are full of clutter that has accumulated.

In short, it’s not the most pleasant place, and there are safety risks associated with the clearance.

Would this be something AFTA could help us with in regards to finding a clearance company?

I look forward to hearing from you. Jonathon Malone

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Jackson answered 2 years ago

Hi, A few weeks ago i was tasked with having my three bedroom two house in Cumbria cleared after the tenant living in the house sadly passed away. The tenant that previously lived in the house had no family to assist with the clearance, he had been living there for over five years and had accumulated a large amount of items due to hoarding.

The property had little access, once through the front door, the rubbish was piled to knee length, this was just the downstairs. Among the rubbish was hundreds of bottles of sour milk and wine bottles full of urine, this caused a horrible smell throughout the whole house. The house clearance team could not gain access to the upstairs until the downstairs and stairs had been cleared as the further up they got the higher the rubbish got.

After doing a lot of research and posting on the AFTA forum, Northern House Clearance came highly recommended, i went onto their website and also read the many testimonials from previous customers. After getting a fair quote i used Northern House Clearance to clear and deep clean my house, it took just over three days to completed the whole process, this included the removal of white goods, carpets and curtains.

The House Clearance specialists that arrived were in full PPE, masks etc, i could not recommend them more for their fast, efficient and in depth service they have provided me with, the house is a completely different house, i am now in the process of relaying carpets and decorating ready to let it out again.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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