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Kerry Ann asked 2 years ago


I am writing to you in relation to a property I need cleared. The property belonged to my late aunt, who died in November 2017. I am now the legal administrator of the property and therefore need to get the property in a saleable condition.

Unfortunately, my aunt was infirm for the majority of the last decade and the house has been left in a huge state of disrepair. The property is a 5-bedroomed house, located in Auchterarder.

What I am looking for is a staged clearance process:
Stage One would be to clear the house of rubbish to enable full access to the property
Stage Two would be for me to access the property in search of items recoverable and to make necessary repairs to the property i.e. the kitchen floor.
Stage Three would be a final clearance to remove the larger items of furniture if of no value e.g. carpets, bed steads, wall units, etc.
Stage Four would be a deep clean and garden maintenance.

The house is in a student area with certain parking restrictions. Access is only via the front door.

What I am looking for are realistic quotes and timescales. This is a big job and appreciate it will take time with multiple visits. I currently live too far from Auchterarder so keys to the property would need to be posted to any house clearance AFTA recommend.

Please can AFTA recommend one of their members that are reliable and trustworthy.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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Alan answered 2 years ago

Hi, a few months ago my uncle sadly passed away, I was tasked with having his extremely cluttered four bedroom house cleared in Comrie. For the last year of his life he wasn’t capable of doing much for himself and the house became in disrepair.

After consulting with AFTA I found Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended. Because the house was extremely cluttered my family and I could not get to any of my uncles personal items, Northern House clearance came on the first day to clear most of the downstairs rubbish so that we could access cupboards etc, once we were finished downstairs they completely cleared it on the second day.

On the third day the house clearance specialists cleared all of the rubbish from upstairs and once we removed all personal belongings the team completely cleared the the rest of the house.

The house clearance specialists have done an amazing job the house is completely different and will now be put on the market for sale. I would highly recommend Northern House Clearance to anyone needing a clearance. You can find their details here Northern House Clearance

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