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Eric asked 1 year ago

Requesting recommendations of a licensed and insured company that I can hire to complete a house clearance job on a property I have purchased at auction. The property is a three bedroom end of terrace house with a double garage based in Backworth, North Tyneside.

The property is fully furnished with standard house hold furniture, electrical appliances and small decorative items.

The garage however presents itself to be more of a task. There is various contents ranging from:

Heavy glass doors, large sheets of glass panels, large volume of stacked wooden pallets, old carpets, old mattresses, bikes, tool benches, gardening equipment etc etc.

I am planning to renovate the entire property and I would like to start making plans as soon as possible and in order to do so, I am looking to hire a reputable organisation. Thank you in advance…

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AFTA Staff answered 1 year ago

Good afternoon, a few weeks ago my partner and I purchased a two bedroom house with a double garage in the Backworth area. Because we purchased the house at auction, it was sold as is. The house had quite a lot of rubbish, furniture, large planks of wood in the garage and all of the doors were off their hinges and were to be cleared. The house is an ex council house that was sold as an eviction property and had a vast amount of rubbish throughout.

I contacted a company called Northern House Clearance in Backworth who I found on AFTA. The whole process from start to finish was amazing and I am so pleased I used their services. A team of three house clearance specialists greeted me at the house for 9am, they got straight on with the house clearance straight away, due to the sheer amount of waste, furniture etc throughout, the clearance took roughly six hours, the team barely stopped for a break.

Now the house is an empty shell, my partner and I are are very grateful and could not be more please with the work that has been carried out. Highly recommend.

Phone Number Etc: 07966311536 Northern House Clearance

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