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Sarah asked 8 months ago

Could AFTA provide a house clearance firms details in Blair Atholl. I would like to find out how much a house clearance company would charge to take black bags full of my grans possessions away as she has suddenly died and we are bagging everything.

There is also large old furniture and a few bits of bric a brac the house is in Blair Atholl. Everything needs to be gone asap. I have not been up in the loft and don’t know if there is anything up there would a house clearance company check?

I thank you in advance for any house clearance company details you can recommend.

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Laura answered 8 months ago

Hi, my grandma passed away a few weeks ago, I went to her small three bedroom bungalow in Blair Atholl to start clearing her belongings, after bagging every thing up I realized I didn’t have the time or means to complete the clearance myself.

After looking on AFTA I found a company called Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended by Many customers. After arranging an appointment with Northern House clearance, their house clearance specialists came on the day at 9am, it took them approx 2 hours to clear the whole house of all bags, appliances and furniture.

Highly recommended company. Here is a link to their contact information: Northern House Clearance

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