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Paula asked 2 years ago


I wonder if it would be possible to recommend a house clearance company who work in the Blairgowrie area to attend the property and remove all items currently causing a fly infestation. We have been contacted by Environmental Health at Blairgowrie Council to advise that this must be done quickly. They have advised that they will arrange to go in at the same time to spray the property.

We have not seen the property but we understand it to be in a terrible state with a great of clutter and junk. As a second stage we would require to have all of this removed too but think that this would be best dealt with separately.

We hold keys here but as we are about 250 miles away from Blairgowrie, we would post the keys to a house clearance company recommended by AFTA.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Anna answered 2 years ago

Hi, last month my dear friend passed away, she had a three bedroom house in Bridge of Earn that needed cleared, to my understanding after seeing photographs, the house was very cluttered and fairly verminous. I live in London and could not make it to the property myself due to work commitments.

After finding Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended by AFTA, I booked their services to clear the whole house and clean it. I posted the keys to the house to Northern House clearances main office, after they received the keys they gave me a date for the clearance to carry out.

Due to not being present, the house clearance specialists kept me up to date throughout the day providing me with detailed pictures via email. When coming across personal items such as jewellery, photographs, paperwork and small valuables they send me photographs and asked if this would be stuff I wanted to keep, i said yes, and they posted the items to me 1st class tracked free of charge along with the keys once the clearance was completed.

Because the house was so cluttered the clearance took a day and a half to complete, the team were very professional throughout keeping me updated of any changes, they sent detailed photographs of the house once it has been cleared and cleaned, I have been absolutely wowed by their services. Amazing company all throughout, highly highly recommend. Info can be found here Northern House Clearance

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