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Maureen Shelby asked 5 months ago

Hello AFTA,

My sister in law has recently passed away and the family are currently visiting the property to remove any sentimental/personal effects and any valuable items. The property is situated within Blakelaw, Newcastle.

Its a very small 1 bed basement apartment and the contents is quiet minimum but we would like to donate majority of the furniture she owned as they are fairly new and in good condition.

My sister in-law traveled a lot and barely resided in the property, it is immaculate – but that being said, it has been unoccupied for sometime now and it has just came to our attention there has been a minor water leak through the property that we believe may have happened a few weeks back, we are unsure. All carpets would need to be lifted, removed and disposed.

I would be thankful if you are able to point me in the right direction for details of a reliable source that has the appropriate insurances and licenses. Many thanks

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Pauline Slater answered 5 months ago

Hi Maureen, I have hired Northern House Clearance now more than once to complete and carry out property clearances based within Newcastle City Centre for myself and the housing association I work for.

They are my first and only preferred choice, they are fully licensed and insured, they hold a very respectful reputation within this industry and they are also registered members of AFTA.

They proudly promote charitable donations and make them regularly to local charitable stores, food banks and cat & dog shelters. They can clear all household contents and as far as I am aware, they would uplift and remove the flooring for you at no additional costs.

Give them a call, you will not be disappointed with the services they are able to offer at a very reasonable rate.
Hope this helps! Pauline Slater

p.s. you can get their contact details off this page Northern House Clearance

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