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Gracie asked 1 year ago

Hi AFTA, I am in the middle of clearing out my late brother’s 1 bedroom council flat based in the Blaydon area.

Over the years my brother became quiet distant from the family and until now, we were not aware of his living conditions, the property is in quiet a bad state. Upon visiting over the weekend it has came to our attention that we can not clear the property ourselves and we are now looking for a reputable professional house clearance company to carry out the work in question.

Everything in the property is to be taken. Their is not a great deal of furniture ie;

-Double metal bed frame inc heavy soiled mattress
-Two seater sofa and foot stool
-A wooden tv unit
-Broken fridge freezer

Most of the items are small and scattered around the place including food waste. We would also need all the carpets and curtains to be taken. We are hoping to have this completed as soon as possible.

Could you please recommend a fully licensed and insured house clearance company in the Blaydon area.

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Meg answered 1 year ago

Hi Gracie, I hired a company called Northern House Clearance who came highly recommended by AFTA. I found myself in a very similar situation.

I had a distant relative who lived within the Blaydon area in a two bedroom semi detached property but due to living out of the area and hardly visiting, myself and the family were not aware of her lifestyle or living conditions. My cousin had accumulated a lot of hoarded and cluttered contents which presented the property in a very nu-inhabitable state.
I was given a deadline to clear the property and the whole process started to dawn on me. I contacted Northern House Clearance who were very understanding and helpful towards my situation and were able to accommodate within 48 hours notice.

Three house clearance specialists arrived at the property on time and fully uniformed. I was politely greeted by the team and instantly felt at ease. After I showed them around they promptly began clearing out the property, they even managed to box a few items they were able to salvage for local charity stores which I was very impressed with!

The whole process on average only took a few hours and I was updated throughout. Service from start to finish was effortless. I would happily recommend Northern House Clearance not only as a satisfied customer but as a professional company with a profound approach to the work they carry out.

Their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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