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Phil Longton asked 2 years ago

Dear AFTA we are the acting representatives for a client and are requiring the details of a fully licensed and insured house clearance company to undertake a property clearance on our clients behalf.

The property is currently unoccupied and will eventually be put on the market for sale. We have received instructions from the beneficiary, who lives abroad, that she wishes for the property to be cleared of its contents and cleaned.

We understand that there is rotting food in the kitchen along with personal items, furniture etc. throughout the property. There are no window locks and the doors do not have 5 lever mortise locks. The property hasn’t been boarded up and as far as I am aware there has been no flooding. Due to the state of the property, the estate agent did not go into the cellar.

In respect of the above, I would appreciate if you could give me the details of a reliable house clearance company working in the Cumbria area so that I can inform our client.

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Abdrea answered 2 years ago

Good afternoon, On the 7th we hired a reputable and fully licensed and insured company called Northern House Clearance to clear my aunts three bedroom house in Brampton.

The house clearance team that arrived have provided a very efficient service when clearing the house and cleaned it thoroughly throughout leaving the house a better condition for re sale. My aunt has now moved into a nursing home due to not being able to move around on her own, for the past few years this has caused her great difficulty in the house she was living in eg getting up and down the stairs, she mainly lived in the living room that had been filled with food waste, general rubbish etc, the Northern House Clearance specialists cleared all of this with no problems, making the house look brand new.  I hope this helps with what you are looking for, many thanks, Andrea

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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