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Alex B asked 10 months ago

Hi AFTA I just emailed you about this but read I needed to post house clearance advice questions here.

Basically, I’m moving out of my 3 bed flat but I’m on my own, have no wheels and no help.

I have a lot of good furniture that I would like to go charity. There are also few things, not much, that I’d like to keep like my piano. I need the name of a licensed and insured house clearance company that can also deliver things to a location of my choice. Like a storage facility in Cumbria?

Please can you give me the name of a reliable house clearance service I can use in the Cumbria area.

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Hannah answered 10 months ago

Hi Alex, a few months back I moved to Spain, I needed to have my theee bedroom bungalow cleared in Cleator Moor, after posting my query on AFTA, many people recommended me to use Northern House Clearance as they are reputable fully licensed and cover the Cumbria area.

Once the team arrived to my bungalow they sorted through everything that could be donated to charity and everything that could be recycled, my sister who lives 20 minutes away from the bungalow asked for my corner sofa and swivel chair, I asked the team if they would mind delivering this to her for me, they had no problem with doing this for me, after they donated items and took the rest to recycling, they came back and packed the sofa onto the back of the van and took it to my sisters House.

Northern House Clearance provided an easy and efficient service throughout. I can highly recommend them.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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