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Colin asked 1 year ago

Good morning AFTA

We write to enquire as to your advice in relation to the following.

Unfortunately, the occupant of a room in a care home in Cockermouth is now deceased. We must distribute the contents of his room according to his Will, as we are instructed in the administration of his estate.

We must obtain all items of any significant value, along with any paperwork from the room, and store the same at our offices. The remainder of the room’s contents must be stored to go to the beneficiaries of the Will in due course, for them to dispose of as they see fit.

As such, we require a quote for the following services:

Clearance of the room;
Production of an itemised list of the room’s contents;
Division of the contents into paperwork, items of any value, and everything else; and
If possible, temporary storage of the items.

The room is small and contains:

A wardrobe and bedside table which belong to the care home, however the contents (clothing and two shelves of items) need clearing;
A set of drawers belonging to the estate, with drawers of items;
A small bathroom with some items inside; and
Another box or two’s worth of items on top of surfaces.

Please let us know if this is something you can help with by providing the details of a house clearance firm that is registered with AFTA.

Many thanks in advance. Colin

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Ally answered 1 year ago

Hi Colin, last week we hired a reputable company that is a member of AFTA, the company name: Northern House Clearance. My uncle who has sadly passed had been living in a small two bedroom apartment in sheltered accommodation situated in Whitehaven.

I was faced with the task of clearing his apartment as well as finding his valuable possessions to be split between our family. I hired northern House Clearance who sent out a specialist team of three to assist. Throughout the process of the clearance the guys held all of the paperwork, jewellery, antiques etc to one side for me, they handed these in once they were finished the clearance. I would recommend Northern House Clearance to you as they provided an outstanding service all the way throughout.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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