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Alan asked 2 years ago


I work for the landlord of a sheltered living scheme in Comrie and we have recently had several people vacate their properties and abandon large amounts of furniture / rubbish.

Could you please let me know of a house clearance that is a member of AFTA and covers the Comrie area.

I imagine it would be a full van full, but this is (approximately) all the items we have to be cleared:

– 3 x 2 seater sofas
– 2 x washing machines
– 3 x armchairs
– At least 3 x divan bases
– 4/5 mattresses
– Various dismantled flat pack furniture
– 5 x wooden units (still intact)
– 4 x drawers (from chest of drawers)
– Several small rolls of carpet offcuts
– At least 15/20 bin bags of rubbish

We are keen to get rid of this as soon as possible as it is taking up valuable space

Kind regards.

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Abbie answered 1 year ago

Hi Alan, I am a landlord in the Aberfeldy area, last month a tenant renting one of my three bedroom houses vacated after handing the keys back leaving a huge amount of rubbish and broken furniture throughout the house.

After consulting with AFTA, I found that many customers highly recommended Scotland House Clearance, I decided to book their services.

I met the house clearance specialists at the house at 9am, they had the whole house cleared within just a few hours, then cleaned the house upon my request.

I can honestly say that every time this happens to me I will hands down use Scotland House clearance for the job. Highly recommend. All their details are posted on AFTA’s members page, I have attached a link for you Northern House Clearance

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