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Marion A asked 1 year ago

Dear sir/Madame,

My father recently passed away, he lived in a council flat in Cowdenbeath. My father left behind some debts, we are needing the house cleared however we also need a company that can help us sell anything of value to put the money back into the estate to prove we have tried to settle the debts and there is an old car at his flat which we would hopefully like them to be able to deal with too.

My father was a massive hoarder and whilst we have tried to clean the place a little bit it is still quite dirty and cluttered, there is also a lot of women’s clothing in the flat, were presuming he must of had a girlfriend at some point who is no longer around.

I’m just wanting more information and quotes from a licensed house clearance company. We are not sure how much stuff in the flat is of value so our main concern if these was not enough in the flat to cover the fees how much would we need to then pay?


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Sally Paterson answered 1 year ago

Dear Marion, check out Northern House Clearance Cowdenbeath for any clearance assistance you require. I have only recently had them complete a house clearance on a three bedroom bungalow within the Cowdenbeath area.

After my initial contact and quotation I did some further searching but found Northern House Clearance Cowdenbeath were the best to appoint for the job required. Fully uniformed, licensed and insured house members arrived on time in a large van promptly introducing themselves.

Quick walk around and they started to proceed, providing an effortless service and a fantastic job of the clearance.

With great pleasure I would respectfully recommend this company. 5 star. Contact details can be found here Northern House Clearance