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Bridget asked 2 years ago

Hi there, I am clearing out my late mother’s flat in the Cramlington area and need help in clearing it out. It is a first floor flat in the centre of town. I have began boxing up goods that can be taken away or donated to charity.

However, I have a sofa and other small items of furniture that I cant up-heave myself or dispose of. Can you recommend an honest licensed and insured house clearance service please.

I do not wish to use a bad company that may fly tip the contents of the property

Thanks again. Bridget

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Sandra answered 2 years ago

Hello Bridget,

Last month we used a company called Northern House Clearance to clear my great Aunts two bedroom bungalow in Hexham.

My Mum and I had been clearing the bungalow for a few weeks before the house clearance team arrived. We had previously arranged for a charity to come out and take all of the items as agreed with them on the telephone, unfortunately when they arrived they went through all of the boxes and only took a small amount of items, this lead to us having to arrange for Northern House Clearance to clear the property for us.

Three members of the Northern House Clearance team arrived at my Aunts at 9am and we’re finished by 10:30am. A lot of the items went to local charities in and around Hexham and the rest was taken to recycling centres.

The company is fully licensed and insured, all of the team were fully uniformed and very professional when carrying out the clearance, I would recommend them 100%. Great service from them.

Hope this helps you. Sandra – All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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