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Paula asked 2 years ago


Wondering if you can give a a little advice for a 2-bed flat clearance in Croydon? There will not be a huge amount of furniture left – small dining table and chairs, the odd easy chair, 3 beds, couple of chests of drawers, dressing table, several sets of curtains and selection of china crockery, towels, linens, ornaments and misc bric a brac etc. All white goods and several other items of furniture, Possibly a few items in garage so the property is not cluttered. However it has came to my attention that things like fridges, TV’s, mattresses are all now hazardous waste??? Are these items able to be cleared and disposed of by a ‘house clearance company’?

This is my mother’s flat and she has recently moved to a care home. I will be down in Croydon next week to sort things, and was hoping to carry out the clearance myself but I think now it may be best to get a experienced company in and do this properly.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding advice and maybe can point me in the right direction for a reputable company.

Many thanks and kind regards Paula

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Tony answered 2 years ago

Hi Paula, re the house clearance in the Croydon area, me and my wife have recently been left with the task of clearing out my brother in laws flat which also consisted of a few mattresses, 2 fridges and a large freezer. We attempted to start clearing ourselves and found it to be a struggle after sorting and bagging around 30-40 bin liners we gave up.

We did try to arrange for someone to collect the fridges and mattresses etc as we also heard about them being \’hazardous\’, no one would entertain us and if they did the costs for those items to be cleared alone was not cheap.

After doing a google search for house clearance in that area we found a company named Foxtons House Clearance who are fully licensed and insured and were more than happy to help us. We booked them at short notice and they assured us that all hazardous items would be cleared and disposed of correctly.

Upon completion they provided us with all the necessary paperwork/proof of disposal and a full invoice. They provided a 3 man crew who done all the work and used a very big van. House Clearance Croydon I understand how stressful this can be and i hope this helps you, take care, Tony.

All of their details can be found here Foxtons House Clearance