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Shirey asked 1 year ago

Hi AFTA, I need to clear out a one bed flat based in Cullercoats. Although the flat is quiet small it is rammed with cluttered boxes and bags of general household crap. I am not exaggerating when I say rammed, the entrance to the flat door was barricaded with piles of rubbish, soiled mattresses and food waste. It is an absolute state to say the least, I knew it was in bad condition but I am shocked at the way the flat has been state presenting an awful smell throughout the whole building.

I’m looking for a local, licensed house clearance company with a respectable reputation to come and clear the whole place as soon as possible. Please send me recommendations

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Megan answered 1 year ago

Good afternoon Shirley, I had a similar problem when my aunt passed away last month, she had a small two bedroom flat in Cullercoats which was jam packed with rubbish and clutter, we had to have the front door took off the hinges to let the house clearance team in.

After doing some research I found a company called Northern House clearance Cullercoats on AFTA. I looked on there website to find that they done similar clearances to my aunts. I booked the house clearance in for the week following her death, a team of three arrived to the flat at 9am to begin the house clearance, they cracked on with the job straight away.

They used large dumpy bags to bag all of the loose rubbish and finally made a dent in the hallway, once the Hall was cleared they began clearing one room at a time, it took just over one day to completely clear, I can honestly say I have never came across a more hard working team. A cracking job well done from a fully licensed and insured company. Check them out here Northern House Clearance

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