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Fiona asked 4 months ago

Hi, my mum has gone into a care home and has a 1 bedroom council bungalow that needs clearing. It is in Dalston, Cumbria. I am looking for a reliable house clearance company to clear the house and also take some items to another location, my daughter is wanting a few furniture pieces and also lives in Cumbria. Can AFTA recommend a house clearance service that could fill my needs.

I would do it myself but I am just recovering from a spinal operation and can’t do bending, lifting or carrying. There is no rush we have a couple of weeks to sort it out. I look forward to hearing from you and any advice you can give. Kind Regards

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ash answered 4 months ago

Hi, Last month we hired a reputable company called Northern House Clearance to clear my fathers two bedroom bungalow in Dalston – Cumbria. The team from Northern house clearance arrived at 9 am in full uniform to assist with the clearance.

The bungalow was fairly cluttered with furniture, bric a brac and books. I live a few weeks from the bungalow so had been going around to bag some of the smaller contents up.

The team cleared the house in just a few hours, they also delivered a small chest of drawers and a flat screen television to my house free of charge after they cleared the bungalow. Hope this helps.

Their website is House Clearance Dalston

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