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Claire asked 1 year ago

Good evening AFTA, i am making inquiries to appoint a highly recommended a company that can help assist clearing my aunts three bed semi detached house situated in Dudley.

My aunt has recently relocated to a nursing home and now that she has settled, I am making arrangements to have her home put on the market but due to the property presentation I have been advised it would be within our best interest to clear everything out before proceeding.

I have boxed up most of the smaller items within the property but I can not access the loft and their is also a single garage packed with items accumulated over the years. General household furniture inc fridge freezer, washing machine and a dishwasher.

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Sherry Long answered 1 year ago

Hi Claire, a few weeks ago I needed assistance with the house clearance of my uncles two bedroom detached house and garage in Dudley. My uncle who is now living in a nursing home had quite a lot of stuff, I tried to box up as much as I could but found the job too difficult.

After doing some extensive research I came across Northern House clearance in Dudley on AFTA. From the start of booking the house clearance to the finish the service provided was outstanding. The team boxed all of his belongings up and donated as much as they could to charity whilst recycling the rest. It took roughly four hours to completely clear his house and garage. Excellent service from a fully insured company.

Get their contact details here: Northern House Clearance