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Matt asked 2 years ago

Hello AFTA

My father recently passed away and we are looking at having his flat cleared. It’s a very small one bedroom in a retirement complex in the West End of Dundee. There is a bed, small sofa and a few other pieces of furniture. It’s mostly boxes full of books and other general household items.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with the name and phone number of an AFTA registered house clearance company.

I would prefer email contact if possible. Thank you

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Ally answered 2 years ago

Good Afternoon.

Last week I hired Northern House Clearance to assist with the clearance of my late aunts two bedroom bungalow in Dundee. My aunt lived in a one bedroom apartment in a private residential home, I had already been to the apartment to clear any personal belongings for my family and myself.

The remaining items to be removed was a small wardrobe, a double bed and mattress, a two seater sofa, an armchair and three small tables. The Northern House Clearance team had the whole apartment cleared within under an hour, they provided a fast and efficient service throughout. Amazing company.

Find their contact details here Northern House Clearance

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