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Craig asked 1 year ago

Hi AFTA, I’ve moved out of an address in Dunfermline, but there’s some items that need to be disposed of.

They are:

A three seater sofa
A computer tower
A garden chair
A laptop
A large suitcase

Could you give me an idea of clearance cost and when you could fit me in please?

Many thanks

1 Answers
Graham answered 1 year ago

Hi Craig, last week i required the same assistance when I moved from my home in Dunfermline. I found a highly recommended and reputable company called Northern House Clearance Dunfermline to clear the remaining items from my home.

The items to be cleared consisted of a washing machine, a dryer, a fridge freezer, two double beds and mattresses, three double wardrobes and a three piece sofa suite. The northern house clearance specialists cleared the house within an hour and I also requested it to be cleaned afterwards. Highly recommend Northern House Clearance, Anne.

Info can be found here Northern House Clearance