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Ella asked 2 years ago

Hi I’m looking find a reliable house clearance business in Fence Houses. I have just moved house and have some furniture at the old property to go to charity (one chair, one sofa, a large dining table with four chairs, one single bed and computer desk).

I also have a cellar with old confidential papers and also items that need disposing of.

There are some items which I’d like to be taken to another property too if that is possible? Are you able to recommend a good reliable house clearance company?

Thanks Pauline

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Pauline answered 2 years ago

Hi Ella,

I have recently downsized to a smaller house, I had a three bedroom house in Newcastle that needed cleared of all the items that I wasn’t taking with me to my new house. A lot of the furniture was in good condition and could be took to charities as well as some bric a brac and ornaments.

I used a reputable company called Northern House Clearance to do the clearance for me. A team of three men turned up at 9am to clear the whole house, they managed to donate some of the stuff to charity and disposed of all of the rubbish and paperwork at the proper recycling centres.

There was a large four seater corner sofa that I had not yet managed to get moved into my house, I asked if this was something they could do. Once they cleared the whole house they then loaded my sofa onto the back of the van and delivered it to my house a few streets over at no extra costs. The team were lovely, all in full uniform, very polite and professional.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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