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Mr Dawson asked 2 years ago

I am looking for a quote for a house clearance in Gateshead preferably from a good licensed and insured company

The house is currently vacant and we need a quote for clearance and also clearance & deep cleaning.

Its a 3-bedroom, medium sized 1930s detached house, a couple of the rooms are quite cluttered and unkempt
1 lounge
-2 bathrooms
-1 kitchen/diner
-Loft space

Normal furniture as would be expected
Removal of carpets, underlay and curtains
Double garage low-level clutter

I look forward to your recommendations regarding this matter.

Many thanks Mr Dawson

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David brown answered 2 years ago

Hi Mr Dawson, My mum passed away several months ago and we needed to have her three bedroom house cleared and cleaned ready to hand the keys back to the council. After several failed attempts to find a reliable and reputable house clearance company we came across ‘Northern House Clearance’.

Since the house belonged to the council everything including carpets and curtains needed to be removed. A team of three turned up to clear and clean the house, all of the guys were fully uniformed and very professional.

I was working a few streets away on the day of the clearance so the guys kept me updated throughout the whole process, once they had cleared the house, they cleaned it straight afterwards. I met the guys back at the property where they gave me a walk around to make sure I was satisfied with their service. They done a great job in such a little time. Overall they gave an absolute amazing service, I had no hassle with the council when handing back the keys. I would highly recommend Northern House Clearance.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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