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Celia asked 7 months ago

Hi AFTA I am looking for a recommended reputable house clearance company in the Gateshead area.

My mother in law passed away a few month ago and I am in the process of clearing her three bedroom house and garage but have found it is too big of a job for me. I am looking to have the house clearance undertaken on the 2nd week or January.

Their is large amounts of furniture, ornaments, brick a brack etc and their is also a car in the garage, I am unsure if the car works or not. I also need the house cleaned afterwards.

Could you please recommend a fully licensed and insured house clearance company. Many thanks Celia

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Maureen answered 7 months ago

Hi Celia on the 19th November I hired a reputable company called northern house clearance who came highly recommended by AFTA. I was in the process of selling my late uncles two bedroom bungalow in Gateshead. The new buyers requested the property to be fully cleared which inc all household contents, white goods and carpets. Once the clearance had been completed a cleaning service was also carried out by the team.

The house clearance specialists greeted me at the property at 0900 am, they were very polite whilst introducing themselves and in full uniform. They began the clearance of the house which took approximately two hours and then cleared the garage. Their was an old car in the garage that my uncle acquired many moons ago that the house clearance specialists arranged to have cleared for me at no extra cost.

Once the house and garage were completely cleared, the team cleaned the house from top to bottom. I can honestly recommend northern house clearance gateshead as a reliable and reputable professional house clearance company.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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