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Amanda asked 5 months ago

Fully licensed and insured house clearance company required – I have recently, successfully sold my late grandparents property based within Gosforth.

They passed away a few years back and their property has been unoccupied ever since. The whole contents needs to be taken away and recycled, all the carpets throughout need to be pulled up and also taken away.

The property is not in a good condition, the kitchen area is not safe at all, the floor has collapsed and their is also damp throughout. My understanding is the buyer has bought this property to renovate and the whole house is being stripped. As agreed I have to try and clear as much as I am safely able to do so. I can send photographs of the property in question.

Open to any advice or suggestions.

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Glen Prestwick answered 5 months ago

Hi Amanda, earlier this year my wife and I bought a property in Gosforth to renovate, however before we were able to start making plans to get the builders in etc we had the task of clearing out all the household items/waste that was left behind.

We hired a company called Northern House Clearance who came fully equipped, licensed and experienced to deal with the disaster we had at hand. Their was a lot of work to be carried out in the property and the team worked around this hassle free. They were patient throughout the entire process and very professional working cautiously around the property.

Myself and my wife could not express our gratitude enough for the high end service this company provided us with and we would be more than happy to recommend their services. They have all their contact details posted on here Northern House Clearance

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