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Andrew asked 6 months ago

Hi AFTA, I am looking for details for house clearance company’s that cover the Grangemouth area. I have a three bedroom property that I need cleared due to a recent long term tenant leaving the property without notice. Average house hold furniture to be taken away.

Double bed, metal bunkbeds, wardrobes, dressing table, dining table, chairs, two seater sofa. Clothes, toys, food waste, etc. I will also require the carpet to be taken up in the front room that has been completely ruined. White appliances do not need to be taken.

Details of a reputable firm required. Many thanks.

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Aggie S answered 6 months ago

Good morning Andrew, a few month ago I had a tenant vacate one of my three bedroom houses in the Grangemouth area. The house had quite a lot of furniture, bric a brac, books etc in, as well as quite a lot of rubbish.

After doing a lot of research on AFTA, I found a company called Northern House clearance in Grangemouth, I spoke to a lady called Lauren on the phone who explained the process and gave me a quote, I booked it in for the 8th of November, Lauren also sent me a confirmation email with the process details and quote.

On the 8th, a team of three fully uniformed very professional men arrived at 9am to begin the house clearance, they started straight away. A few hours in they had cleared most of the house, leaving the kitchen and the garage to clear. An hour later and the house clearance specialists were completely finished the full clearance, all of the waste went to the correct recycling centres, and the team had no problem providing their waste carriers license on request.

I am more than happy with the work that has been carried out and would highly recommend Northern House Clearance Grangemouth, they made what seemed like a difficult job look easy.

Their details: Northern House Clearance

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