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Aidan asked 10 months ago


I’m looking for some advice, I’m clearing my father’s property and there’s quite a bit of large furniture left (3 or 4 couches, several tables, a weighty filing cabinet and the like) but there are several issues;

– Some furniture we definitely don’t want (and won’t be good for charity either)

– Some we would like to go to antiques sale or if not a charity.

– I am living here and would need some basics to still live on but that could change if it’s easier to just clear the house completely.

It’s a four bed terrace but there’s not stuff in every room that needs clearing – most of it has already been done by myself.

Does a house clearance company charge for each time they come out or do they usually manage to clear stuff within one single trip?

Will they have any contact with antique furniture sales/auctions who may be interested in some items?

Do they give usable but not profitable furniture to charity?

I know it’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but what kind of price would we be looking at?

The house is situated in Hartburn, Teesside.

Kind regards,


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William answered 10 months ago

Hi Aidan,

Last year my father passed away, shortly after I decided to move into his four bedroom bungalow in Hartburn – Teesside.

I needed to have a large amount of the furniture, ornaments, books etc cleared in order to decorate and make the house my home.

I hired Northern House Clearance to assist with the clearance, like yours, there was a small amount of antiques and collectibles that I knew nothing about.

The team managed to sort through my dads belongings and put aside items that were valuable, they could not sell the stuff on my behalf but pointed me in the direction of local auction houses.

The team also managed to donate a large amount of the bedding, towels and clothing to a nearby cat and dog shelter, whilst the books, some usable furniture and bric-a-brac went to charities in the Hartburn area.

It took just over three hours to clear the bungalow of everything I wanted removing, some items were to stay, but most rooms needed clearing, most carpets were removed and most appliances too.

The team were fast, efficient and hard-working, I can highly recommend them to you.

Thank you,


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