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Marth asked 1 year ago

Hi, I’m searching for house clearance information in Heaton. I have recently lost a close relative and I need to make arrangements to have everything taken away.

It is a 1 bedroom ground floor flat in Heaton with a small shed out the back. I have started to box up some of the stuff but it is quiet a big job for me and I do not have time due to working.

The landlord has only given me a few weeks to clear out the flat so I have decided it is best to get a professional company in.

It is mostly smaller items, clothing books ornaments china sets etc etc. The big furniture is a double bed a 3 seater sofa wardrobes, a large book case, an old cooker and fridge freezer and a large display wall unit. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks

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Janet answered 1 year ago

Hello, I had to hire a house clearance company in Heaton about 3 weeks ago now to clear out a two bed upper floor flat in Heaton. They are called northern house clearance Heaton, they gave me a fair price on the telephone, fitted me in the same week and did an excellent job.

The company deal with all the packing and pulling stuff out of cupboards and storage which saved me a lot of time that I didn’t have. I couldn’t fault their work, I would highly recommend their company. Details here: Northern House Clearance