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Sarah asked 1 year ago

I need to organise the clearance of my fathers house in Hexham preparation for its sale. The house is a 3 bedroom former council house in with an attached single-car garage and a small garden shed.

The house is unoccupied now but is partially furnished and contains all the accumulated small rubbish of 50 years of occupancy. The garage also has a small amount of rubbish. Some of the furniture items may be useful to a charity but

I would say there is next to nothing of resale value. The job is to completely clear the house/garage and shed of moveables to put in a suitable situation for a buyer to take on.

This house clearance needs to be done within the next two weeks, can you recommend a good service?


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Brian answered 1 year ago

Hi Sarah Two weeks ago we found a reliable house clearance company online named ‘Northern House Clearance’, after giving them a call for a quote we booked their services to clear my mothers two bedroom house and garage in Wylam, they only required two days notice and were able to come out within a few days.

I wouldn’t say my mums house was extremely cluttered but did have a lot of rubbish in it, the furniture was extremely old and falling to bits with wood worm, most of the collectibles had been damaged and there was quite a lot of rubbish including large amount so of newspaper etc.

Three members of the Northern House Clearance team arrived on the morning at 9am, they were very polite and professional men. They had the whole house cleared including carpets, a small shed and a single garage cleared within about four hours.  We are very thankful that they made our situation a very straight forward process and the house is now ready to go up for sale.  I would recommend them to clear your fathers house, I hope this information helps you.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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