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mary scott asked 1 year ago

We are owners of a 3 bedroom house on Peebles in the Scottish Borders. The property has been rented out to tenants who are currently being evicted; the bailiffs are due on 7th July. We anticipate the whole house and garden will need clearing.

At this stage we are just trying to get a rough idea of the costs.

I have seen a few house clearance companies online in Peebles all offering the type of service we require.

I am a little worried as there are personal papers that would need to be disposed of properly also we need to make sure any house clearance company we use is insured just in case there may be accidental damage cause to the house when removing any items.

Thank you in advance. Mary Scott

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Angela Brown answered 1 year ago

Hi Mary, we recently had to clear a relatives house out also it was in Jedbrugh we used a company called northern house clearance they arrived on time and cleared the full house by dinner time.

They are a fully insured house clearance company. We asked about personal items including paper work, old letters etc. The better items of furniture in the house we can confirm were donated by northern house clearance to a local charity that help people on low incomes.

All the paperwork from the house along with the rubbish went to a commercial waste transfer station where it was all recycled. The person we dealt with helpful and professional so we have no hesitation recommending them, also they have many customer reviews on their website, hope this helps. Angela Brown

p.s I forgot to mention they also offset anything of value against the cost of the house clearance.

All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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