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Martin asked 2 years ago

I am writing to enquirer about house clearance in Ashington. My brother has had a few strokes and is finally being moved from his 3rd floor flat. It is in need of clearing and cleaning before he can hand back the keys. I live in France and only here for another few days.

My questions are:

Can you give me the name of a trustworthy house clearance company?
Can we send keys to a house clearance company and have them posted back…unless the job can be done before I go?
Will a house clearance company allow me to pay by visa as I don’t have a UK account?
Because of his health the place is a mess, would this be OK, I mean would a clearance company still clear it?

Thank you Martin

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Jane answered 2 years ago

Hi Martin,

My mum was a hoarder who lived in a right state, it got to the point where there was a build up of rotten food throughout the house and this caused a mice infestation. I thought I would have many problems trying to find. House clearance that would clear and clean her house once she passed.

After a long week of searching for a fully insured and licensed House Clearance company that would clear the house for us, I came across Northern House Clearance.

I was not able to be present on the day of the house clearance as I also live abroad, I had a relative from London post the keys to Northern House Clearances head office so that’s they were able to complete the clearance.

I had also booked their cleaning service which was completed on the same day as the clearance. After the team had completed the clearance and clean, they emailed me photographs of the empty property, I was astonished that they had managed to clear and clean such a dirty cluttered house. They posted the keys first class tracked the following day.

My mum lived in a small two bedroom house in Ponteland where she had hoarded for many many years.

Northern House Clearance were very professional throughout the whole day, they kept me updated via email and I was also able to pay with visa once the clearance was completed.

I can’t recommend a more professional company to undertake a house clearance like my mums.

I hope this helps you. All of their details can be found here Northern House Clearance

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